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Sterling Silver Faceted Rutilated Quartz Pendant in Anti-Tarnish Pouch
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Sterling Silver Faceted Rutilated Quartz Pendant in Anti-Tarnish Pouch

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Made in India

We first became enamoured with rutilated quartz when mining for rubies in North Carolina. It was among the best days we ever had! While we found only a few shards of ruby, we we're delighted to have discovered the fascinating nature of rutile and rutilated quartz.

Quartz is among the most abundant minerals on earth. So, it is naturally found near many other minerals. With the shifting of the earth and the unequaled dimension of time, sometimes the minerals become all mixed up together and there are glorious results. Rutilated quartz is one such miracle.

Rutilated quartz is quite simply quartz with rutile enclosures. Rutile is a mineral that is made up mostly of titanium dioxide. The titanium is quite refractive and disperses more than most other minerals. In quartz, it appears like long threads of color - varying from deep, deep blood red through the brown spectrum to the darkest of greys.

Our pendants feature crystal clear quartz with darker shots of rutile throughout. Depending on the how the light hits the stone, the entire quartz may appear darker or lighter than it really is!

Each of the stones has been faceted, which is not all that common for rutilated quartz, and set in sterling silver. Of course, because the stones are natural, every one is completely different from the next.

Most of the pendants measure from 7/8 inch to 1-1/8 inch long by 11/16 to 7/8 inch wide. the large sterling silver bale will slip as easily over pearls or beads as it will hang on a chain. The bail adds an additional length of about 1/2 inch.

These are stunning stones. Please let us choose one for you.

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