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March 23, 2020

StikkiWax® Colorless Reusable Adhesive - for Indoors & Outdoors!

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* Made in USA
StikkiWax® is wonderful to hang, hold, anchor, repair, fill, bond, level and much more! Use it to hold candles, hang posters, level pictures, stabilize collectibles, quake-proof and zillions of other uses. It is water proof, save and non-toxic and never dries out. No more thumbtacks, tapes, adhesives! It's perfect for dorm rooms, too!

There are 6 convenient sticks in the package. Just remove some of it from the stick and use it immediately. It won't color stain walls or materials and it never loses its holding power.

Instructions are include for exact use and removal. Some items should not be held and some surfaces should not hold things. So be sure to test your project as suggested on the package.

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