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Storm on the Sea of Galilee Icon Style Holy Card

Storm on the Sea of Galilee Icon Style Holy Card

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Made in USA
Jesus is asleep in the boat. Peter pleads with Jesus to save them. John hunches in fear. Reactions of either are similar to our own as we fear what is to come.

They face a windstorm and the boat was beginning to take on water. Jesus reminds his disciples that their faith through fear will help them guide themselves. As Jesus arose, the seas and winds calmed and they were safe on their way.

The image is new in the style of an antique icon, but it is a creation of a monk today in that style with modern techniques.

The cards measure 3 by 5 inches and are printed on sturdy paper with lovely graphics. The back is plain (except for a faint colophon at the bottom). You might write or print your own prayer or message to a friend. What a special book mark on memento.

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