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Strand of Glass African Christmas Trade Beads (some vintage)

Strand of Glass African Christmas Trade Beads (some vintage)

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Made in Africa


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These delightful, hand-made beads are known as African Christmas Beads as they are used for personal and home adornment. The colorful mix is so very festive, they work for almost any holiday or occasion as well.

They are temporarily strung on string or dental floss and are in loops from 30 to 36 inches long. If you're careful, you'll even be able to wear them as is. But, we find it a much better practice to restring them or to use them as individual beads as you would seed beads.

Of course, each strand is different as they are hand strung, and the variety of bead designs and sizes is amazing. The beads are small, varying from 1/16 inch diameter through 3/8 by 1/8 inches...some are even longer. Most of the beads are vintage.

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