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Strand of Non-Magnetic Matte Silver Titanium Hematite Chip Beads

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To what illustrious pieces of jewelry will you add these beads? The sheen exhibited by each bead, despite the matte silver finish, will surely turn any piece into a statement maker.

You might even consider using these beads as pebbles in a diorama.

Hematite (from the Greek word Haima, meaning blood, in reference to the minerals red color when powdered) is the principle ore of iron, and one of only a few gemstones that displays a metallic luster when polished.

The beads come temporarily strung on a 16-inch length of string. There are about 115 chip beads per strand. They measure 3 mm by a range of 5-10 mm.

These are titanium rich and non-magnetic beads. As these are a natural product, please allow for some variation.

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