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Strap Hanger - Blue Daisy

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Finally - something new and different - made especially …
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* Made in USA

Finally - something new and different - made especially for your summer wardrobe! Just slip one over the strap of your tank top, halter top or brassiere and voilà - you've turned your plain everyday outfit into a striking fashion statement. You'll feel the spring air all year round with our little daisy on your strap!

Brooches are too heavy for the summer - these are the perfect answer to summer jewelry questions.

Add an extra one to your purse strap or your luggage strap, or,..., the possibilities are endless!

These will also make great closures (use a ribbon instead of a strap) for your hand-made books. Or just add the ribbon to a purchased journal and on e of our strap holders this for the closure.

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