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Stupidity Control Pills

Stupidity Control Pills

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Made in USA


Limited Availability - No Longer Produced

Sadly, the little company that made these has suffered with the times and has had to close it's doors. We were truly disheartened by the news. So once they are gone - they're gone.

We used to go to the shore every summer - to Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Our vacation was at the same time each year and each year we stayed in the same motel - right on the sand, right by the water. Our normal routine would include going to the all-year Christmas store, a night-time visit to the boardwalk in Wildwood and our favorite - a trip to a wonderful candy store in Cape May.

Every year, my Dad would buy these pills (jelly beans) for his friends. He was the Postmaster here in Donora as well as the Assistant Fire Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department. Every year he would giggle when he bought different formulas and every year as I grew older, I'd tell him, "Daddy, it's not funny every year." And every year, he'd reply, "Sure, it is!"

When I discovered that they were still made, what else could I do - we had to sell these. And, trust me, these are funny - and they will be - every year! Honest!

Better yet, they are made by a wonderful company in Wyoming. They employ 30 developmentally disabled individuals, whose conscientious attitudes and attention to detail are amazing!

Each bottle looks just like a prescription and reads:

The Not So Smart Pharmacy
Control Pills
Jelly Beans

Physician: Dr. Bea A. Moron
Prescription: #02BSMART

INSTRUCTIONS: Take sparingly to control mild bouts of stupidity. More may be taken for moderate stupidity. The entire bottle may be needed if you are a downright idiot.

WARNING: Excessive use may produce the illusion of being a "genius" however this act of genius may be followed by acts of total idiocy.

Each bottle contains 4.2 ounces or 120g. Ingredients are listed.

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