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Survival Kit Issue No. 865-A2

Survival Kit Issue No. 865-A2

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Made in China

Fashioned by Loncraine Broxton after a real military survival kit, this kit is created with the highest quality and is renowned for its essentials for those venturing into inhospitable locations. While it is certainly not a guarantee to have everything you need in an emergency, you'll surely feel a bit more secure with one of these great little tins in your car, desk or wherever you feel you need it!

This camouflage tin measures about 7-1/4 by 4-1/4 inches and contains:

  • The Patented X001-6 Tool (featuring can opener, knife, screwdriver, ruler, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction indicator, 2-position wrench with a lanyard hole)

  • Compass

  • Fishing Kit

  • Sewing Kit

  • Medi-Wipes

  • Bandages

  • Plasters

  • Water Bag

  • Whistle

  • Mirror (great for fixing your hair or starting a fire)

  • Candle

  • Snare

Also included is a comprehensive survival and First Aid Guide, which gives detailed instructions for survival in hazardous situations.

You might want to add some additional items of your own, such as matches, ointment and identification information, a pen, etc.

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