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Teensy Emerald Green Metallic Origami Crane

Teensy Emerald Green Metallic Origami Crane

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Made in Malaysia


Limited Availability

The paper crane has been known for ages as a symbol for peace and longevity and good will. Many believe that your wish will come true with 1000 cranes folded!

We had these sweet an tiny cranes folded just for us in metallic jewel-toned paper. Each one was carefully made by hand.

These measure about 1 inch from wing-tip to wing-tip and about 1/2 inch from beak to tail. They are a perfect size to make earrings!

Each will be shipped to you closed. To open, just gently pull down on the wings close to the body and it will puff up nicely.

It is very difficult to fold such tiny cranes, particularly when using metallic paper. We were delighted to find a student who made these for us several years ago. She no longer makes these, so we only have a limited number of them.

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