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Thai Phra Pidta Buddha Amulet with Covered Eyes

Thai Phra Pidta Buddha Amulet with Covered Eyes

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Made in Thailand


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Phra Pidta, means Monk with Closed Eyes. In a simple lotus pose, the Buddha closes his eyes and covers them with his hands.

Representative of the Buddha himself or a Buddhist monk, this amulet is quite captivating. This monk of the original pose, according to legend, was an apprentice of Buddha. He was sent by Buddha to stop a flood and save a number of monks from drowning. After which everyone respected him and believed in his power.

A popular amulet in Thailand and elsewhere, it is said that Phra Pidta can increase your good fortune and ward off evil.

By hiding the eyes, the search for inner peace is simplified, removing the concern for oneself in terms of items and other sights before us: letting go of the present. Should we all adopt this understanding, how much better the world might be.

The amulet measures 1-5/8 inch high by 1-3/16 inch wide. The figure seems to be made of stone or clay and is encapsulated in plexiglass with metal edges.

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