The Butter Battle Book by Dr Seuss
The Butter Battle Book by Dr Seuss

The Butter Battle Book by Dr Seuss

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This book was and is a favorite of our grandson, Grayson's - in fact, he needed several copies: one for home, one for here and one for somewhere else! Indeed, it is a favorite of ours as well. First told by Dr. Seuss way back in 1984, the story of the Butter Battle is still an appropriate cautionary tale - a good lesson for every day life as well as for countries throughout the world.

The story is told by a Yook grandfather, explaining why the Zooks are so terrible: It seems that, It's high time that you knew of the terribly horrible thing that Zooks do. In every Zook house and every Zook town every Zook eats his bread with the butter side down! The tale is told in cleverly cunning rhyme with that cadence we all love. And the young Yook child learns about hate and intolerance and reciprocal violence. Such a message is universal and for all time.

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