The Constitution of the United States of America - Highly Illustrated Oversized Book

The Constitution of the United States of America - Highly Illustrated Oversized Book

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In 1787, Americans were given the right to practice the religion of choice; given the right to say whatever without persecution. In 1787, it was written that house and property were secure from unreasonable search and seizure and that each and every one was given the right to a public trial.

In 1787, Americans were entrusted with a living document. Have we kept its message safe? To begin, we must read it.

This, Sam Fink, in his direct and unadorned way, respectful and loving, helps us do.

Fifty-five men sat in a sweltering hot room as they fought and argued for all Americans. They created the document that gave rights to all citizens of the United States of America.

The Constitution of The United States of America, inscribed and illustrated by the master calligrapher Sam Fink, brings to life the issues underlying the triumphs of this abiding document. Originally published in pen and ink in 1987, Sam has, at the request of Welcome Books, gone back to the original black-and-white art and painted it entirely, creating a full-color masterpiece. Even the end papers feature artwork.

Each amendment, each article, each word so thoughtfully placed in the Constitution has been given Sam’s profound touch. With a powerful intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor, he has provided us with an entry point, allowing us to read this essential American document better, more clearly.

The Constitution of The United States of America is the document all Americans must read again and again. There is no more important document in our country. It is the document for which we must have an intimate knowledge - to never forget.

Published in 2006, this wonderful jacketed hardbound volume measures 15 by 10-3/4 inches and is over 1 inch thick. There are 136 pages loaded with illustrations.

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