The Illustrated Language of Flowers
The Illustrated Language of Flowers

The Illustrated Language of Flowers

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First published in 1865 when flowers and their symbolic meanings played a more important part in life than they do today. The Victorians can teach us a lot about civility, beauty and manner and this little book is a great example of Victorian sensibility.

Most people know that a gift of red roses is a sign of love. But what about all of the other flowers, ferns, and other leafy living things?

The first section of this gives the names of over 680 flowers along with their meanings. Some examples:

Honeysuckle..........Generous & Devoted Affection
Peach..........Your qualities, like your charms, are unequaled

The second part associates the flowers to certain words, phrases and saying - over 550 of them, such as,

Maternal Love..........Moss
I desire a return of affection..........Jonquil

Although this was originally produced in a larger format, every effort has been made to retain the charm of the original book, together with all the stains and blemishes of the 139 years it has survived.

The little book measures 4-5/16 inches by 3-1/16 inch and is filled with 104 pages that are loaded with illustrations. There is a 4-color paperback cover and frontispiece.

This just delightful book is perfect for a party favor at your next tea.

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