The Little Prince Adieu Antiqued Bronze Charm
The Little Prince Adieu Antiqued Bronze Charm

The Little Prince Adieu Antiqued Bronze Charm

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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) in 1943. It is beloved even more today than when it was written. Ostensibly a children's book, there are so many instances in the writings that might be meant for adults to learn - perhaps to be young again.

This sweet little charm features the fox, who rightly explains an essential part of life to the Little Prince. The charm reads:

Adieu, dit le renard
Voici mon secret
Il est très simple
on ne voit bien
quavec le coeur
Lessentiel est invisible
pour les yeux.
Le Petit Prince

In English:

Goodbye, said the fox
And now here is my secret
a very simple secret
It is only with the heart
that one can see rightly
what is essential
is invisible to the eye.
The Little Prince

We love the offset nature of the quote and the fact that the charm features holes at the top and the bottom - so, it might act as a connector for an additional charm or bead at the bottom. On the back, the charm reads (beneath a simple star),

Little Prince

We're showing two charms to illustrate the front and back.

The charm is finished in an antiqued gold or bronze and measures 1-7/8 inch high - including the loop and 13/16 inch wide.

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