The Little Town 1946 -  Hand-Crafted Reproduction Advent Calendar

The Little Town 1946 - Hand-Crafted Reproduction Advent Calendar

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* Made in Germany

This was the first Advent Calendar made in Germany after World War II - in 1946. Long thought of as the premiere Christmas decoration experts, the German manufacturers, of course, did not prevail during the war.

This reproduction is made by the same company that created it in the mid-20th century! It is printed on strong cardboard, with translucent windows. This lovely calendar makes a truly wonderful table decoration as it measures 27-1/2 inches long by 8-1/2 inches high. You can fold it to 11-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches for an easy mailing or storage. The entire calendar is made by hand!

Place a light behind the calendar and the beautifully styled back pictures will light up as you open each door or window.

Advent Calendars are re-usable, so start a new family tradition this year!

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