The Victorian Scrap Album
The Victorian Scrap Album

The Victorian Scrap Album

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* Made in England

This simple alternative to technology might amuse and educate both young and old. Scrap albums like this one were quite popular in the 19th century through the early 20th century. Some folks made their own albums out of old periodicals or books. And others bough machine made ones such as this.

This book was originally created for Pollock's Toy Museum in London in the 1970s. It has undergone a few changes but remains a fun source of activity for anyone enjoying a bit of history.

There are spaces for your own scraps and keepsakes as well as guided pages with history and explanations, including:

  • An Introduction to Scraps & Scrapbooks
  • Poetry
  • Skeleton Leaves
  • Thumbprints
  • Prints (including chromolithograph scraps)
  • Animals (often clipped from the newspaper)
  • Ferns (pressed or drawn)
  • Spatterwork
  • Valentines
  • Butterflies & Birds
  • Featherwork
  • Marbled Paper
  • Silhouettes (including how to make them)
  • People (including angels)
  • The Seaweed Album
  • Smudgeography (reminiscent of Rorschach designs)
  • Crests, Monograms & Trademarks
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Puzzle Names
  • Scrap Screens
  • Glitter Pictures & Sand Pictures
  • Tinsel Portraits

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