The Wisdom and Patience of the Cat Note Card
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The Wisdom and Patience of the Cat Note Card

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"As anyone who has ever been
around a cat for any length
of time well knows, cats have
enormous patience with the
limitations of the human
~Cleveland Amory~

Were it not for this enormous amount of patience, would we have ever had the pleasure of a cat in our lives?

We fell in love with this card, not only for the beautiful quote, but because of the picture of the cat. The cat from the picture is named Fiona, but as you can see in our second picture, our very own Gypsy looks very much like the cat from the card as well. We just could not resist offering this card once we saw how similar the cat was to our special girl.

Oh how sweet this would be, were it framed and hung for all to see.

This over-sized note card is blank on the inside so you can include your own special message. It comes with a white envelope.

  • Height: 8-1/2 inch
  • Width: 5-1/2 inch

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