Three Kings Charcoal - Package of 10 Disks
Three Kings Charcoal - Package of 10 Disks

Three Kings Charcoal - Package of 10 Disks

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* Made in Holland

Not all incense is alike. There are many self-lighting incense cones and sticks. But, for powdered or resin incense, you'll need self-lighting charcoal. Three Kings Charcoal disks have long been known as the favorite. This roll contains 10 33mm charcoal disks.

To use, place a single disk of charcoal (round round side down) in an incense censer or other fire-proof dish. The charcoal gets very hot, so do not touch it with your hands once it is lit. Use a pair of tongs to move it. Hold a match to the edge of the disk until the charcoal begins to sparkle - this should continue across the charcoal. Once the disk is lit, add your a small amount of your incense (herbs, resins, powders) to the lit cake of charcoal. The incense material will either melt or burn, releasing its scent into the air. This will burn for several minutes. Add more if you want to savor the effect longer.

Please let the tablet burn out and cool in the censer or fire-proof dish. To extinguish a tablet before it has fully cooled, quench in a container of cold water. Do not discard burning charcoal immediately. Ensure that it is extinguished completely and is absolutely cooled before discarding.

This item is available only in the 48 contiguous USA states. Due to USPS regulations we are only allowed to ship this by ground service.

Not for use by children. Never leave burning incense or charcoal unattended.

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