Tin Can Shrine Kit (SilverCrow Exclusive)
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Tin Can Shrine Kit (SilverCrow Exclusive)

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* SilverCrow Exclusive

What fun we had creating these little shrines! Made from a simple tin, steel or aluminum can lid. Just about everything you need is included. You'll have to add scissors and glue and any other embellishments you might want as a part of your shrines. Of course, you'll supply the can lids, too.


Your re-usable muslin bag will arrive with only the same image of Our Lady of Guadalupe without any identification.We have created a new image WITHOUT our name (SilverCrow Creations and without the name of the kit (Tin Can Shrine Kit). That way you can use the bag to wrap a gift, save for your keepsakes and or anything else you can imagine.


 (SilverCrow Creations) and the name of the Kit (Tin Can Shrine Kit) from our exclusive reusable Guadalupe Muslin Bag - that way, you can use it for a gift or keepsake for yourself.

We've included enough parts to make at least two shrines. And, once you get the idea, you'll be making them over and over again. We love adding glitter, too!

Included in the kit:

  • 2 Pieces of Self-Stick Felt in Assorted Colors
  • 3 12-inch Sequined Cording in Assorted Colors**
  • Paper Roses
  • Glitter Glue (Surprise Color)
  • Heart Milagro
  • 7 Holy Cards Including: St Dymphna, Virgin Guadalupe, St Jude, St Francis & Mano Poderosa
  • SilverCrow Exclusive Images: Santisima Muerte, Catrina & Sequined Guadalupe
  • Self-Stick Rhinestone Embellishments
  • Basic Instructions
  • Reusable Hand-Screened Muslin Bag featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe (bag displays Guadalupe image only - not the words)

** Colors may vary

If you've never made a shrine, but want to start, this is the kit for you. Even if you're an experienced artisan who has made shrines for years, you'll enjoy this special kit.

We couldn't stop making samples. Ours include Santisima Muerte, St Francis of Assisi and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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