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Tin Cross Nicho with Flower Accents

Tin Cross Nicho with Flower Accents

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Made in Mexico
Our Cross Flower Nicho is simple and elegant with that special extra touch added to the face of the cross. At each corner of the glass covering the niche, there is a little flower symbol added. The resplendent rays emanate from the center to each of the legs of the cross as well.

The entire piece measures 10 inches high by 8-1/4 inches wide. The niche opens from the back with a traditional rolled latch. This is quite old-fashioned as the newer nichos generally feature a sliding latch on rear opening doors!

We are delighted to have found this more traditional piece for you.

The niche is 4 inches wide by 2-7/8 inches high and not quite 1/2 inch deep. The glass front is 3 inches high by 2 inches wide. This will allow for a feeling of depth in you enclosures.

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