Tin Cross Retablo
Tin Cross Retablo

Tin Cross Retablo

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Each one of our beautiful retablo crosses has been hand…
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* Hand Crafted in Mexico

Each one of our beautiful retablo crosses has been hand cut of recycled tin and then hand painted with images of saints, the Virgin Mary or Jesus as well as with supplicants asking for help and blessings from the heavens.

The subjects and saints differ on each of the crosses, but they all resemble the one in the illustration. Colors are antiqued blues, greens and browns and will age over time. Expect the metal to age gracefully over time. In fact, we love that part.

Traditionally retablos are created to thank, entreat or venerate saints, angels, Jesus or Mary. Many are hung in the backs of churches (sometimes with milagros added). Once the supplicant felt that prayers had been answered, the retablo was then removed to the home.

Retablos are often painted by artists as not all the faithful have talent enough to render their prayers visually. Most retablo art is somewhat primitive and was once considered outsider art.

With help from Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and their contemporaries, retablo art has become quite collectable in its own right. Seeking to preserve Mexican and other Latin American traditions, Kahlo and Rivera began collecting these wonderful spiritual treasures in the last century.

The traditional manner for hanging such retablos is with with a single simple nail hammered through the top of the tin right into the wall. Because it is made of tin rather than paper, it will stand the test of time even in this manner.

The cross measures 13 inches high by 9-1/2 inches wide.

The crosses we have in stock have different images painted on them. Some feature the Virgin Mary, some feature Jesus and some feature a saint. Please let us choose one for you. We will try to honor special requests if you put them in the comments on your order. But, we cannot promise a special one. CONTACT US first if you'd like to know which ones are in stock.

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