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Tin and Talavera Cross featuring Blue and Yellow Daisies

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Our handmade aged tin cross is a wonderful housewarming …
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* Made in Mexico
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Our handmade aged tin cross is a wonderful housewarming gift. Or, it might just be the perfect accent for your home. The beautiful handwork and rustic look compliments any southwest, Spanish colonial or rustic theme. And the sweet daisy design adds a modern, soft touch to the traditional home.

This authentic creation has been handmade by traditional artisans in Mexico, learning their craft from artisans of many generations before them. Due to the handmade nature of the cross, the tin and the tile, please expect some variation.

The cross measures about 15 inches high by 11-1/2 inches wide. Each tile measures 1-3/4 inch square. A hanging loop and soldered reinforcements on the back make this quite sturdy. It should last a lifetime and may become a family treasure.

There will be an additional charge to ship this internationally. If you want to know how much it will be before you order, please CONTACT US for an estimate.

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