Tiny Saint Brigid's Cross Charm or Medal
Tiny Saint Brigid's Cross Charm or Medal

Tiny Saint Brigid's Cross Charm or Medal

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Saint Brigid, along with Saint Patrick, is one of the Patron Saints of Ireland. She is also patron to children whose parents are not married, dairy workers, fugitives, travelers, scholars and many more. St Brigid is also known as Brigid of Kildare, where the story of her cross came into being.

The cross of rushes is now made traditionally on February First (Lá Fhéile Bhríde) - her feast day.

Legend has it that a pagan was from nearby was dying and the Christians from his household sent for Brigid to talk to him of Jesus. This was not an easy task as the gentleman was raving mad with pain. The floor was spread with rushes to keep the room warm and clean - as was the custom in the Dark and Middle Ages.

St. Brigid wove some of the stems and wove them into a cross similar to the one replicated by our charm. Supposedly, the pagan was now able to understand the importance of Christianity and was baptized right before he died.

Our little charm measures only 1/2 inch high by 3/8 inch wide. The medal features the same detailed texture on both sides.

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