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Tiny Silvery Byzantine Cross
Tiny Silvery Byzantine Cross

Tiny Silvery Byzantine Cross

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* Made in Italy
The Eastern Orthodox cross is also know as the Byzantine cross. There are many interpretations of the the shape of the cross. The standard cross or crucifix is the base for the design.

At the bottom is a slanted crossbar, often said to be the foot rest of Jesus on the cross and, when Jesus took his last breath, the nail slipped and the bar became slanted. Another interpretation tells us that the cross is slanted representing the repentant and unrepentant thieves who were crucified at the same time. The crossbar usually slants down from the viewer's left.

The set of double straight crossbars are said to represent the death and resurrection of Jesus. The longer, more common bar being death, the shorter bar, closer to heaven representing life.

This tiny cross measures 1 inch from hanging hole to bottom and 1/2 inch from side to side. A jump ring is included for your convenience.

The front of the crucifix shows Jesus traditionally. On the back, it reads, PRAY FOR US

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