Toasting You! - Vintage-Style Gift Tags
Toasting You! - Vintage-Style Gift Tags - Set of 6

Toasting You! - Vintage-Style Gift Tags

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These gift tags are almost amazing as you are...and they're going to look great on your gift! You can also use them as Luggage Tags, and, if you're still reading...Imagine, right here right now, something you want to happen; and it just might....

We've only seen top-quality gift tags such as these ever! Simply write out your message, fold the flap toward the string, tuck it under the lip and what a special tag! Perfect, too for scrapbook pages, assemblages and collages and maybe even bookmarks.

On one side of our 1-1/2 by 6 inch tag, with a old-style toaster image:

you should be feeling
like a piece of bread
. . . . . because

On the other side, simply stated:

everybody's toasting you !

And, on the flap:

here's 2 you


  • Height: 1-1/2 inch
  • Length when opened: 6 inches
  • Length when closed: 3-1/4 inches

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