Tooth Fairy Certificate
Sweet Tooth Fairy Certificate

Tooth Fairy Certificate

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Losing that first tooth is such a big event in a child's growth. This certificate creates a special remembrance of that momentous occasion. There is a place for you to enter the child's name and the significant date as well as the following poem:

"Tooth Fairy"
I leave with you my little tooth
And trust it in your care
It's yours to keep and pretty up
Your castle in the air.

I heard it shines like diamonds
From it's roof top to the ground
And moon dust flutters all about
And never makes a sound.

The magic of it's beauty
Are tiny teeth, like pearls
A precious gift, from all of us
God's little boys and girls.

-Betty Jane Gerber

There are some instructions on the back to help you personalize the certificate with your little one's name. We do not want to change the instructions, but our customers have had little or trouble in smearing, etc. - just let it dry. Because this usually would be framed under glass or plexiglass, it should last quite some time.

The certificate measures and will fit in a standard frame for you. The frame should have an opening of 8x10 inches


  • Height: 10 inches
  • Width: 8 inches

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