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Traditional Cowhide Parchment - 6-Inch Square with Practice Swatch

Traditional Cowhide Parchment - 6-Inch Square with Practice Swatch

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The original paper! This is natural tanned and treated cowhide (a 6-inch by 6-inch Square) that is ready for your artwork.

Each piece is accompanied by a smaller sampler piece that you can use for practice. As the parchment is a natural product, each piece is different. This is the coarsest of the parchments and is much like rawhide - so be careful or your puppy might just get too interested in this.

Parchment becomes finer with greater preparation. This is the heaviest type of parchment. So you might see a bit of a bend in the piece. This is a normal result of the drying process.

Parchment such as this, traditional goat vellum and cowhide parchment are often used in metaphysical pursuits.

Please keep away from children & pets. This product has been prepared with chemicals that may be harmful if ingested.

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