Traditional Egyptian Papyrus Sheet
Traditional Egyptian Papyrus Sheet

Traditional Egyptian Papyrus Sheet

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* Made in Egypt

A 5-1/2 inch by 8 inch piece of reed paper, produced in Egypt just as it has been for thousands of years. Each sheet has its individual characteristics and colorings as papyrus is made with natural materials. Irregular edges identify this as the real thing, so you might want to shred the edges slightly. As you can see in the photos, the sheets are slightly transparent.

We're showing you several sheets so that you might see the wonderful variation that is so prominent in natural materials.

Papyrus has an ancient past and is used today mostly in artwork - as an embellishment or as a base. Tempera and other water based pigments, especially metallics, are quite magnificent on the natural sheet.

Papyrus is the common name for the paper reed, cyperus papyrus. It grows in Egypt, in Ethiopia, in the Jordan River Valley and in Sicily. 

In ancient times, the entire papyrus plant was used. The Egyptian people even boiled the pith of the stems for dinner! Papyrus is still made in much the same way as it was in ancient tradition, beginning with a lengthwise layer of cellular pith covered by another layer crosswise. This is then moistened with water, pressed and dried. The paper maker would then rub the sheet with a small shell or with ivory until it was smooth.

Parchment virtually replaced papyrus around 400 A.D. But the ancient reed paper was still used for private or official documents until the early 9th century.

Be sure to use a Calame Reed Pen to decorate this for a perfect ancient Egyptian-themed project! Or make a book including several sheets and bind it with Bamboo Stalks.

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