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Trick or Treat Tickets tied with a Black Satiny Ribbon

Trick or Treat Tickets tied with a Black Satiny Ribbon

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Trick or treating finds it's roots in the Celtic celebration of the old year ending and the beginning of a new year. You see, the Celtic people believed that the dead and living spirits would overlap, so by dressing up like the demons themselves, they could fool the devils.

Fast forward to the Catholic Church, that moved that tradition to All Hallows' Eve. In the Middle Ages, the poorer people began dressing up as both saints and angels. The adults, in their celebration finery would go door to door entreating food or money. If they received their spoils, they would treat the inhabitants with a song.

Fast forward again to 1927, when the tradition moved to Canada and the United States. Children disguised themselves in costumes and went door to door for the treats. Some would perform minor pranks if the people at home didn't provide them with a special treat.

Now you can exchange tricks and treats all year long with our clever Trick or Treat Tickets. There are 100 grey trick coupons and 100 orange treat coupons.

These are also great for collage and other paper arts.

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