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Turkish Evil Eye Bead

Turkish Evil Eye Bead

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Made in Turkey
Legend has it that the evil eye of jealousy from friend or foe can trouble you, or, indeed, cause you harm! Now we can't promise that SilverCrow's handmade Blue Evil Eye Beads can ward off such trouble, but given the right circumstances, perhaps the representation will help the wearer or owner. Such talismans turn jealous eyes away and grant protection from such harm. Each eye is hand made and is different from the next.

These flattened blue circular beads measure about 14mm by 8.5mm and are created by lampwork. The eye can be seen on both sides! The hole measures between 1.8 and 2.8mm, so there are lots of possibilities with these beads each bead.

Because they are hand-made, the beads will vary in size, shape, color, hole size and hole size. We think the variability adds to their charm.

Seven beads are shown for illustration.

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