Turquoise Skull Bead
Turquoise Skull Bead

Turquoise Skull Bead

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Each small turquoise skull bead is hand carved into a skull shape. Because each one is carved by hand, they may differ somewhat. We are showing several from different angles so that you can see how they vary from bead to bead.

Turquoise is such a soft stone, that it is not easily carved - it will crumble.To make it suitable for carving, turquoise is stabilized with a clear resin. The stabilized stone is harder, a bit darker and resistant to common chemicals such as swimming pool chlorine. We still think that you'd be better off not washing or swimming - just in case.

The beads are all alike, but different sizes and shapes. The average size is about 7/8 high (from chin to scalp), 1/2 inch wide (cheek to cheek) and about 5/8 inch from front to back.

Due to the differences, please let us choose one for you.

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