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Two Piece Wooden Charm or Pendant Kit - 3 Variations
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Two Piece Wooden Charm or Pendant Kit - 3 Variations

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Each of these little kits contains two pieces: a base and a frame. You can use them separately or together. There is a hanging hole at the top of each piece. They are pretty large to use as charms, but they make great necklaces and doll house frames.

Add your artwork to the base, add the frame on top and voilà - a masterpiece. You might even add a small piece of acetate to protect your image. We use regular transparencies from an office supply rather than purchase a pricey sheet of acetate.

Or, create a mini shrine or assemblage - the added depth will be quite wonderful.

Each of the 3 designs is made of real wood and burnished on the sides, as you can see from our photographs. The measurements for the shapes are:
  • Oval - approximately 1-3/16 inch wide by 2 inches high
  • Rectangle - approximately 1-3/8 inch by 2 inches high
  • Round - approximately 1-1/2 inch diameter
If you place the frame upon the base, the approximate height is 3/16 inch. The top and the bottom are the same height.

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