Tycoon - Edwardian Paper Mask
Tycoon - Edwardian Paper Mask

Tycoon - Edwardian Paper Mask

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* Made in England

This odd Edwardian mask features a man's countenance with a mustache and such. Smoking a cigarette nonetheless.

From about 1901 (right after the Victorian period) up to about 1910, or even as late as 1918 (after World War I), British society suffered a very rigid system, despite the new philosophies and politics floating about. The want (and need) for more liberal thought and a move for greater social acceptance of all British started despite the seemingly unmovable morés at the time.

The Edwardian Period was also known as the Belle Époque (Beautiful Era), a time for elegant masquerade balls with gorgeous gowns and absurd masks such as this.

This mask arrives flat and is simple to wear with black ribbon on either side for securing your mask. It measures about 5-1/2 inches wide by 4-3/4 inches high.

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