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Unique Small Round Kraft Paper Box
Unique Small Round Kraft Paper Box

Unique Small Round Kraft Paper Box

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* Made in USA
What fascinating little treasure will you put in this box? A piece of jewelry? A vacation memento? A special gift for a special someone? 

Instead of using it as a box, you could even create a tiny shrine in it. Or even build a small diorama featuring your littlest little people. 

Wow! Such a little box, but so many options.

And there's still more to this delightful little box. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable as it is constructed from paperboard. The interior of the box includes an oil resistant paper, so it could be used for homemade lip balms and cosmetics. Please be certain to test the box against such items though, before using.

We have been looking for these boxes for a long time. Such boxes are really hard to find. Many items in the early 20th century were packaged in these. And some of the old boxes were even waxed, but ours are plain - ready for you to wax if you choose to do so.

The inner half of the box measures 3/4 inch high by 1-1/2 inch wide (19 mm by 38 mm). The outer half of the box measures 7/8 inch high by 1-5/8 inch wide (22 mm by 41 mm).

We are showing 2 of the boxes, so that you might see the box closed and open.

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