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Useful & Humorous Planet-Friendly Portfolio in 3 Styles

Useful & Humorous Planet-Friendly Portfolio in 3 Styles

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Big Plans - 2nd Quality
Creative Financing
Don't Forget


Unknown Origin


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No one ever told us that tracking our finances would be a fun job but these portfolios are here to do just that!

Debossed with shiny ink and made from hand made heavy paper board, the images on the portfolios are done in a retro style to give the feel of the mid 20th century.

Available in 3 funny styles Creative Financing, Don't Forget and Big Plans:
BIG PLANS features a man looking at blue prints of his dream home (or some other fantastical wish).
CREATIVE FINANCE features a man stretching a dollar like never before.
DON'T FORGET features a running man staring at a string tied to his finger which we think means he forgot what the string's sole responsibility.
The Big Plans portfolios are showing their age with some foxing on the edges. We are listing them as second quality but they will still work quite nicely.

The portfolios measure 12 inches by 9-1/2 inches by 3/8 inches. On the back of each portfolio, you will find a button and string tie closure so that you do not lose all of the important papers from within.

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