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VINTAGE Chromolithograph Embossed Die-Cut Scrap Reliefs - Tulips

VINTAGE Chromolithograph Embossed Die-Cut Scrap Reliefs - Tulips

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Made in Germany


Vintage Item - Limited Availability

The superb die-cutting and vibrant chromolithography in these wonderful scraps will tempt you to treasure the sheet rather than use it in your artwork or craft project. There are six bouquets of tulips (and we have to admit, that tulips are our favorite of all the flowers). Each of the bouquets features a different grouping and different vase. Each of the bouquets, while different, measures about 4 inches tall by approximately 3-1/2 inches wide.

These were produced in Germany about 50 years ago (maybe longer) by the PZB company (Paul Zoecke, Berlin). This wonderful old family company closed in 1980 after running for 180 years. There are fewer and fewer of these wonderful scrap papers to be found.

The scrap relief sheet is approximately 9 inches by 7 inches, ready for you to clip and use in your artwork. And each sheet is lightly embossed to accent the  images. This piece is extremely well trimmed with expert die cutting - so well done, that very little trimming is necessary.

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