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Vampires Traditional Coloring Book with Free Mini Box of Crayons

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Enter a restless nighttime world where passionate souls …
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Enter a restless nighttime world where passionate souls roam in search of blood. Fans of vampire lore and Gothic fashion will delight in these mysterious, romantic and moody illustrations. Thirty images to color feature toothy antiheroes and swooning maidens amid moonlit graveyards, gloomy castles, enchanted forests and other settings teeming with serpents, skulls and swarming bats.

The subject of myth, folklore and romance, the vampire is as fascinating today as it was in 1897 when Bram Stoker's Dracula was first introduced. These charismatic, seductive creations of the night have a fear of death and the desire to be immortal. Alas, they drink the blood of their victims to get a rush of power and to survive. Powerful and sexy vampires steal bites from unsuspecting victims as they search for the perfect soul mate with whom they might spend eternity. This great coloring book has a variety of scents that include bloodthirsty vampires (male and female), castles, bats, a cemetery and more ready for you to color and bring to life.

The coloring book measures 8-1/4 by 11 inches. It is printed on Recycled Paper.

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