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Very Old Golden Foil Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey Combined Circus Label

Very Old Golden Foil Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey Combined Circus Label

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Unknown Origin, Probably Made in USA


Vintage Item, Limited Availability
Now that it's gone, we can only remember and imagine the excitement, the peanuts, the sawdust, the clowns and the memories of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Combined Circus - The Greatest Show on Earth. Even with the controversies, some of us can still remember the tradition and the days gone by. And the circus and carnivals were certainly part of those memories, even if you only dreamed of going.

Five of the seven Ringling Brothers started a circus sometime in the 1840s; the exact date being a matter of discussion. Barnum & Bailey's spectacle supposedly began in 1906, although PT Barnum had started shows of his own in the 1840s as well. These two largest circuses combined in 1919 (the year Annie's mother was born!), and The Greatest Show on Earth began it's history. Performed Under the Big Top tents until 1956, the three-ring circus moved to stadiums and other such venues. On May 21, 2017, the clowns removed their makeup, the acrobats walked the floors and the ringmaster heralded the show for the last time, ending a never-matched history of entertainment.

This 1920s golden foil label brings back the good old days. The elegant debossed printing of that special logo is in black on golden foil. It is unused (new) old stock - the stickers were used on Circus merchandise. In excellent condition, this is quite the find as such labels are very hard to find - especially from the early 20th century. Measuring about 1-1/2 inch wide by 1 inch high, the sticker was to be water activated, but because we're not completely sure of the provenance or manufacturer, we suggest that you do not lick the label.

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