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Vintage 1939 Worlds Fair Cabochon

Vintage 1939 Worlds Fair Cabochon

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Unknown Origin


Vintage Item, Very Limited Availability
What a find! This little plastic cabochon (12mm in diameter) features golden orange lettering and captures a stylized image of the 700-fott high Trylon, the Perisphere (180 feet in diameter) and the Helicline (950 foot ramp).

The theme of the fair was The World of Tomorrow. Right outside this interesting building was the fair's main attraction - Democracity, a utopian city of the future. Fairgoers viewed Democracity from above on a moving sidewalk, under movies displayed on the sides of the sphere. This was all so very modern at the time. And, we guess that we're living in that world today.

The domed cabochon appears almost like a glass paper weight as the image appears to be projected from the bottom with a clear domed top.

This is truly a rare find and we only have a few of them.

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