Vintage 1950s Nudie Pin-Up Plastic Charm in Assorted Poses and Colors
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Vintage 1950s Nudie Pin-Up Plastic Charm in Assorted Poses and Colors

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We can just imagine the pin-up images that inspired the designers of these charms. Working diligently to create charms that contain all of the wonderful curves, studying the girls in detail to not miss a thing. We wonder if they fought over whom got to study which picture.

These hard plastic, nudie charms come to us from the 1950s. The fine detail put into the bodies of the ladies is astounding, as to this day we still struggle with replicating the human form. 

The charms approximately measure between 5/8 - 1-1/4 inch tall including loops and 1/2 - 7/8 inch wide. The charms are 2 sided with the back of the body on the opposite side.

Our first two images show a group of the charms, in a variety of colors. The second picture being a close-up of the first. 

The remaining pictures are of each individual pose. Each pose, numbered 1 - 8 in the caption below its image, is available in Orange, Pink and White; though not all colors of each charm are shown (for example in pose #1 our picture shows an orange and a pink charm, but that pose is also available in white).

When ordering, please use the number from the caption of your desired charm in conjunction with your desired color. 

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