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Vintage 1950's Plastic Children's Ducky Umbrella Barrette

Vintage 1950's Plastic Children's Ducky Umbrella Barrette

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Won't you or your little girl look lovely in your springtime best with our little ducky umbrella barrette in your hair?

This is an original 1950s hard plastic barrette. The umbrella is yellow - a fitting color for a little duckling. And an umbrella is just what he needs for the spring rain!

The hand-painted blue polka dots are ever so delicate and our ducky's little bow has been hand accented in metallic golden paint.

The front of the barrette measures about 2-1/4 inches high by about 7/8 inch wide. The metal closing bar (for holding the hair) is, of course, longer as it hides behind your little lock of hair.

This is a vintage barrette, so please use with care. It will only hold a small lock of hair for decoration only.

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