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Vintage Allegheny County Jail Merchandise Coupon or Ticket for the Canteen

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These tickets or coupons are ever so special to us here at SilverCrow. Annie & Pete were married in the new Allegheny County Jail. No, we were not convicts, but we wanted to be married by a Justice of the Peace. We thought it romantic - just knocking on the magistrate's door in the middle of the night and getting married. Well, it seems we needed to make an appointment a month in advance. We had the paperwork ready, so that wasn't the problem.

I had left my job and only had 1 more day of health insurance left and we wanted to get married right away so I could be on Pete's policy! After a long search and lots of disappointing phone calls, I dialed the office of the Mayor of Pittsburgh. The receptionist asked how to direct my call and I told her of my dilemma - trying to complain to the Mayor's Service Center.

I had to speak no further. She suggested we get married at Night Court (yep, just like the old US television show). The Night Court judge is required to deal with each case as it comes - including weddings!

The story is so much longer and a lot more fun, so we'll write a blog about it later (maybe). In the meantime, you'll understand why we bought these tickets!

These are from the old Allegheny County Jail, quite a medieval-looking fortress in the center of the city of Pittsburgh. The tickets or coupons were used as tender to purchase merchandise in the jail exchange or store. There are several different colors and denominations - all the same size - 2 inches by 1 inch. On the back of each coupon is the number of the value as well. For example, the 5 cent coupon has a 5 printed on the back.

We have a variety of denominations and colors, so please let us choose one for you.

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