Vintage Aluminum and Glass Star Ornament - <i>Now Color Choices!</i>
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Vintage Aluminum and Glass Star Ornament - Now Color Choices!

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These wonderful aluminum star ornaments hail from World War II. They were actually sent to the soldiers in the trenches to remember Christmas at home. These are original store stock and are quite modern looking despite being over 60 years old! We have packaged each in a clear plastic pillow box with green shred for a festive touch and to ensure their safekeeping when traveling to you.

We think you'll like the presentation enough to present as gifts to your dearest friends throughout the holiday season.

The star is made of aluminum with a glass center - the glass centers are on both sides of the star. We like the convex side, but the opposite side seams to reflect light better.

Each star measures about 6 cm in diameter and has a tiny hanging loop at the top. These are original, unused old store stock, so they are in wonderful condition.

We are showing multiple colors, so you might choose the one you like the best. We have a limited number of each color.

Hanger not included.

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