Vintage Aqua Ammonia POISON Label
Vintage Aqua Ammonia POISON Label

Vintage Aqua Ammonia POISON Label

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We love old labels and this one is extra special. The skull and crossbones symbol indicates that this is a poison. The vintage label is printed in red like most pharmacy labels from the early 20th century. The back of the label has a gummed backing indicating a water-moistened adhesive. Now we don't suggest that you lick these to adhere to your project as we're not sure of the origins or content of the glue. You can use any water-based glue to adhere it to your project. Or, if you dare, dampen the adhesive lightly with a well-squeezed sponge (don't use too much water!) and hope for the best!

Each 2-1/2 by 1-1/8 inch label reads:

Directions for Treatment - Antidotes
External - Flood with water, then wash with vinegar.
Internal - Give vinegar, or juice of lemon, grapefruit, or
orange, copiously. Follow with olive oil.
Eyes - Wash out with 5% boric-acid solution.
Call physician.

205 N. MAIN ST.,                        URBANA, OHIO

Wouldn't this just be great for Hallowe'en invitations or party favors?

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