Vintage Blotter with Gentleman's Portrait

Vintage Blotter with Gentleman's Portrait

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How special this blotter is! Whether you're a collector of vintage blotters or old photos, you'll love this fine mustachioed gentleman in profile.

The coloring is faded a bit - originally, they may have been much brighter. And some have slight foxing and a slight stain at the lower left corner. You can see that in our photo. We chose to photograph the one with the most of these characteristics, so that you can see how slight the imperfections are.

But, they are still so very usable for their original intended purpose. Consider them for your calligraphy - as well as collage, as a bookmark - you name it!

Thee entire blotter is about 9-1/4 inches long by 4-1/15 inches wide. The photo is 4-5/8 by 3 inches.

Made of pressed cotton paper, the blotter is smooth matte on the front and the actual blotter is on the back.

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