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Vintage Brass Tool Tag from the White Pine Copper Company

Vintage Brass Tool Tag from the White Pine Copper Company

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Such tags as these brass tool tags are so wonderful for assemblage, or even as jewelry. They are sometimes known as "found objects."

Made of brass, these salvaged tags were used to identify property for the White Pine Copper Company, of Michigan. We got a real kick out of the fact that our vintage tags are made of brass when they are for a copper company. Oh, well. There must've been some reason!

We have seen these exact tags available on eBay for over $45.00 each! Although the mine was open from the 1920s through 1997, the tags are from the early years and are very hard to find.

We are showing some of the tags. You can see that they are in great used condition. There is a hole on each end

Some tags are shown. Some are not. Great condition, used, some better than others but all are nice enough for jewelry. Hole on each end

The back is blank, so you might to choose to engraved it with your own message. On the front, each tag reads:


*The 5 digit identifying number varies. No two tags have the same number.

We never clean vintage and antique items so as to not ruin the value or the patina. We love the way the oxidation showcases the company name and the numbers, and we wouldn't like to ruin that.

We don't clean. Be careful of the front...might mess up the paint from showcasing the numbers.

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