Vintage Cabinet Card and Other Old Photographs - Price Differs Per Photo
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Vintage Cabinet Card and Other Old Photographs - Price Differs Per Photo

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Most of these wonderful photographs are cabinet cards with a few exceptions (as described below). Many of the older photographs were albumen silver prints with a sepia tone. These were quite popular from the mid 19th century through the turn of the century. Some of the newer cabinet cards appear to be black and white, they might still be albumen prints, but printed on gelatin bromide paper.

Each of these will add nicely to your collection of vintage photographs, or will be a nice addition to your artwork.

The photographs are sold individually, and the dimensions are as follows:
  1. Boy in Dress: 6 inches wide by 7-3/4 inches tall.
    There is some foxing on the edges of the frame. This photo was produced at the now defunct Kaufmann's Department Store in Pittsburg, Pa. This spelling dates the photograph before July 19, 1911, when the H was added to Pittsburgh. On the back, it reads, "Thomas Brimner Aiken" and "839."

  2. Woman's Bodice: Almost 4-1/2 inches wide by 8-7/8 inches tall.
    There is an unobtrusive tear on the back of the frame that has been reglued. This photo was taken at the Wint studio, 629 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa.

  3. Woman with Fancy Hat and Collar: 4-1/2 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches tall.
    There is some slight damage as you can see in our photo.  The photo graph is glued to the backing. It was taken at the T. Henry Black studio, 12 East 3rd St., Jamestown, N.Y.

  4. Family of Three: 5-1/4 inches wide by 7-3/8 inches tall.
    There is slight foxing on the edges of the frame, and only the wear that years have brought to the photograph. On the back it reads, "For Aunt Lillie," along with a rich history of the family, with birth dates: Joseph and Gertie Boyd with Joseph, Jr.

  5. Gentleman with White Tie: 4-3/8 inches wide by 7-1/8 inches tall.
    This is an albumen processed real photo postcard with embossed edges, slipped into a paper frame. The frame shows very little foxing on the sides of the back.

  6. Family of Nine: 5-1/4 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches tall.
    Here is another real photo postcard. The back is worn and may have been removed from a keepsake album. There is a crease in the photo, but the crease does not continue onto the back. We're not sure how the photographer coaxed this entire entourage to remain still, but it certainly worked.

  7. Two Children: 4-1/4 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches tall.
    There is very little wear on this photo that was taken at the Kennedy Photographic Art Studio, No 20 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. On the back is an elaborate advertisement for the studio, with the offer of "Duplicates or enlargements from this Negative at any time." Someone has written in fountain ink on the back, "With love & Christmas Greetings. Karl & Daly Gass 1893."

  8. Sailor: 6-1/4 inches wide by 9-1/4 inches tall.
    Taken by Anne Donahue, 379 Fifth Ave., New York, this photo is quite rare, as female photographers were few in the early days of photography. The sailor is quite handsome in the photo, which was printed right on the card. The lower right corner shows wear and there is slight discoloring on the frame. This sits in a frame that has seen better days.

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