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Vintage Celluloid Werfpuppen Doll Face
Vintage Celluloid Werfpuppen Doll Face

Vintage Celluloid Werfpuppen Doll Face

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* Made in Germany
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Vintage celluloid doll faces such as these were used to make Werfpuppen (aka cardboard dolls, throwing dolls). The dolls were made for play, not display. Some faces were made with pressed and molded cardboard and some of them were made with celluloid, like these.

Werfpuppen were made from about 1890 through 1960. The bodies were made of stuffed leather or stuffed cloth. So, they were soft enough if you might be hit with one after it had been thrown.

Our faces feature hand painted features (pouting mouth, blushing cheeks, hair and eyebrows). The eyes feature  hand-painted shadowing with slip painted decal blue eyes. Each one is slightly different due to the hand painting.

Each flexible face measures 2-5/8 inches from chin to hair, 2 inches wide and about 1/2 inch deep.

What fun you'll have creating with such a fine vintage item. Maybe you can make a throwing doll or two - salto mortale!

We're showing two (2) faces so that you might see the slight variation in hand painting.

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