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Vintage Chenille Praying Mantis
Vintage Chenille Praying Mantis

Vintage Chenille Praying Mantis

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Contrary to popular thought, the Praying Mantis is not a type of grasshopper. In fact, are not even in the same insect order - they are actually closer to a cockroach or a termite! They are aptly named as their sitting position often resembles someone in prayer. However, the same bug might easily be called preying mantis, as this is a predatory insect.

The praying mantis is revered in some cultures and in others s/he is feared. But, we're quite sure that you'll just be taken with our fellow, as he is made of soft wired chenille.

He is old store stock - never used - and measures about 2-1/2 inches long in the position in the picture. Of course, you might choose to maneuver his wiry body into another position, and then of course he'll be shorter or longer.

He arrives with his original Made in Japan label.

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