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Vintage Chromolithograph Embossed Die-Cut Scrap Reliefs - Masquerade

Vintage Chromolithograph Embossed Die-Cut Scrap Reliefs - Masquerade

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Made in Germany


Vintage Item - Limited Availability

Vintage scraps marked PZB were produced by the Paul Zoecke company of Berlin, Germany. PZB created scrap pictures from 1880 through 1980. We are fortunate enough to have these wonderful old scrap picture sheets that were never used. The are old stock inventory and are over 50 years old. These old sheets are quite collectible and are becoming more and more rare.

These are in superb condition for their age, but please remember that they are old and time is the enemy of paper, no matter how well protected. So, please be careful with them as their connecting ribs may be fragile.

Even though these are collectible, we still like to use them for creating vintage-style ornaments and décor - with vintage parts.

These lovely and well-behaved children are dressed for masquerade - we're not sure when or where the party might be! Each motif measures approximately 4-1/2 inches high and about 3 inches wide. Each sheet contains 2 of each motif (4 motifs total).

The scrap relief sheet is approximately 9 inches by 7 inches, ready for you to clip and use in your artwork. And each sheet is lightly embossed to accent the images.

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